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AbTech’s core technology is the Smart Sponge® filtration media, a polymer-based absorption material that binds to hydrocarbons (oleophilic) and will remain buoyant when saturated, (hydrophobic). These characteristics make it an ideal solution for removing unwanted hydrocarbons, like oil and grease from water. In addition, AbTech has developed a proprietary, patented process for manufacturing Smart Sponge media that takes advantage of the thermal behaviors of polymer to bond the molecular chains into a flexible porous structure. The porosity of the Smart Sponge allows for a very high flow rate when used as a filtration media compared to other methods and materials. It also allows the filter material to selectively absorb hydrocarbon contaminants and trap them into its structure, where they are encapsulated and kept from leaching or leaking back into the environment. No other filter material can make this claim.



In conjunction with developing advanced filtration media, AbTech’s engineers have also created a variety of deployment methods that can be used in new or existing stormwater and wastewater systems. This solves a major economic problem for industries and municipalities where aging water infrastructure and increasing enforcement of water quality standards are becoming increasingly expensive and prohibitive to implement.

Innovative technology that targets contaminants directly