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Booms and Skimmers

Absorbent Boom


The Absorbent Boom is for passive prevention and cleanup of water polluted with hydrocarbons on the water surface or on the ground. Using AbTech’s Smart Sponge® filter media, multiple Booms can be linked together to create a non-leaching protective barrier to protect sensitive areas.


  • Smart Sponge® media is non-leaching and non-leaking

  • Can be used for standing or flowing water

  • Captures oil and other contaminants

  • Remains buoyant after saturation

  • Can be linked together to create a large non-leaching barrier on water

  • Can be used to create a barrier for contaminants on the ground

Passive Skimmer


The Passive Skimmer utilizing Smart Sponge®, is designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons by floating directly on the water in sumps, oil/water separators and marine fueling stations. Passive Skimmer absorbs contaminants turning them into an inert stable solid that does not leak or leach.


  • Can be used permanently or temporarily to remove oil from catch storm basins or other forms of still or moving water

  • Ideal for municipal, industrial, and construction applications

  • Effective long term tool

Bilge Skimmer


The Bilge Skimmer featuring the Smart Sponge® technology permanently encapsulates hydrocarbons that appear as oily sheen in the engine compartment during normal boat operation.


  • Measure 9" (length) by 4" (width) by 2"(depth)

  • Wrapped in mesh to maintain structural integrity and to allow maximum surface contact with oil derived contaminant

  • Flexible and fits almost any bilge, sump, tank or engine compartment

Line Skimmer


Line Skimmers employ the Smart Sponge® technology which allows water to pass through the product absorbing sheen levels of hydrocarbons without inhibiting water flow. Line Skimmer absorbs contaminants turning them into an inert stable solid that does not leak or leach.  They are ideal for creating lines of hydrocarbon protection in areas such as ponds and streams as well as clarifying wells and ships in port.


  • Great for low energy flow environments

  • Long life 

  • Low labor costs and easy installation