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AbTech Industries, Inc. is an environmental technology company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have developed and patented the innovative Smart Sponge® absorption technology which is used in a variety of forms to filter and remove contaminants from water. By adding other specialized materials to Smart Sponge media, AbTech has created a technology to treat a variety of pollutants that are commonly found stormwater that unfortunately flow into our rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. AbTech has become the leader in the Stormwater Purification market by reducing contaminants such as hydrocarbons, bacteria, dissolved heavy metals and dissolved phosphorus in polluted water.

AbTech’s integrates its filter media technology into products that range from simple catch basin inlet filters to large stormwater vaults that can be deployed easily to treat polluted water. AbTech’s products are designed to integrate and function within new and existing infrastructure, or “retrofit” without significant buildout cost or modification demands. Additionally, the products complement existing or new green infrastructure, like bio-filters, rain gardens, swales and extended detention basins and allow for quick and inexpensive implementation. AbTech technology and products offer an enhanced performance standard to address stormwater and water pollution with the ability to target specific pollutants at an extraordinary economic advantage.